[Solved] Wavelab 11 Elements, possible bug?

First time using WL 11 Elements today!
I can reproducibly make it stop playing any sound by opening a certain settings page. That is, playback “looks good”, cursor is moving, meters show activity, but nothing can be heard.

Steps to reproduce:

  • open WL 11 Elements, load wave file, play it, all good.
  • open File > Preferences > Audio Connections
  • don’t change anything
  • go back to the waveform display and hit play
  • cursor moves, meters show activity, but no sound audible anymore
  • check Scarlet Mix Control to see that there is no signal coming through to the driver / device, apparently
  • Restarting WL 11 Elements fixes the problem

Can someone please try this to check if it is only on my machine or a general problem? Thanks in advance.

Setup: Win 10 Pro, Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 1st gen.

This is of course not a big problem, but it made me scratch my head the first time, as after the first start I checked the audio settings and suddenly there was no sound anymore.
I don’t think that this is by design / desired behaviour of the software.


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Seems this is the same thing?

Just confirming that I encountered the same problem, with slightly different steps. I opened the Audio Connection settings first, BEFORE even trying to play any audio.
I played an MP3 file, and saw the same activity as you, with no audio output.
After quitting and restarting Wavelab, I got audio output right away without any further changes.

I suspect it MAY have something to do with the Audio Device selection. In Audio settings, it shows 2 devices. “Realtek ASIO” and “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”. Whenever I change devices, the audio output dies until I restart Wavelab.
Given how apps use ASIO to ‘take control’ of the device, this behaviour is not too strange. While experimenting I managed to crash my audio service and will probably need to reboot my system to clear it.
I haven’t hooked up my interface yet, but obviously it’s not a factor in reproducing this problem.
I at least wanted to share this bit of info to confirm your findings. Hope it helps.

Hi, and thanks for checking and confirmation!
I just checked it again and it happens as I described above.
The “funny” thing is that I don’t even change anything, but simply open that settings page, and the audio is gone.

One more thing to add, I imported settings from WL 9.5 Elements I used before.

But @PG1 and others are already on this I think, there are other posts describing similar behavior that I suspect has the same root cause…

Knowing that restart will fix the issue after touching the Audio settings page should be a good enough workaround for now I guess.

Well that’s interesting. In my case I can open the audio settings and mess with other stuff. As long as I don’t change the device itself, it’s OK. However I did not migrate any settings from previous versions. Fortunately it’s an easy problem to work around, and hopefully they will fix it soon.

I did a little experimenting with Elements on my laptop today and something is definitely strange. The Pro version was OK.

It seems like Steinberg is on the case so hopefully it can be updated soon.

Hi, just came to report that as of 9/27 the bug hasn’t been patched yet.

I just bought Wavelab Elements 11 so I can confirm that this isn’t related to importing settings from a previous version of Wavelab (as I had not used Wavelab before).

Experiencing this on a MacBook Air M1 running on macOS Big Sur 11.6

I checked the behavior today again, and still reproducibly with the original release. After installing the 11.0.10 update, the problem is gone and resolved (for me).
Nice that this update was delivered so soon!