[SOLVED] Way for Layout Options to transpose in other tunes


is there a way to create a layout for a player with another tune? Like a layout for the F-Tuba Player and for the same player another layout in C tune.
Or must i crate a second player and copy the notes from player 1.

Thanks a lot

Hi Thomas.
You must create another player (at least for now) if you want to show different pitches, unless you need the concert pitch and transposed pitch. This has already been requested and is on the devs list, IIRC.
If you need concert pitch and transposed pitch in different layouts, make sure you select the appropriate layout in the right panel of the layout options, then >Players>Transposing layout (check or uncheck)

The Team is aware of requests along these lines and suggests that it is on their To-Do list.

thank you very much for the info