SOLVED: Where to download the latest and real VST Connect SE (NOT Performer)?

I have Cubase 10.5 Pro. I should be able to connect with a VST Connect SE on another Computer.
However all I can find is VST Connect “Performer” or VST Connect “Pro” , but not specifically a VST Connect “SE”.
(using latest Steinberg Download Assistant. Also tried on this link “VST CONNECT SE/PRO 4.0.40” :

So I tried the VST_Connect_Pro_4.0.40.180_Installer_win.exe but it can only install VST Connect “Performer” instead of a “SE” .
So i tired the VST Connect “Performer” but when logging in on both sides, and starting the connection : first we get a warning that the versions are incompatible , and then when click “OK” we get “Sorry connection failed. Make sure both sides use the same up-to-date version” Error Message (see attachment) and don’t get a connection.
We both use the lastest up-to-date Versions .
So I suspect that I need the real VST Connect “SE” instead of a “Performer” . But where to find? Google does not give me a result other then the link above.

I found the Bug:
Point is, not matter which Version (SE, Performer , Pro) I installed, It always wrongly says “Performer” in the User Interface, although it is maybe the “SE” or “Pro” version. That is highly confusing.
First, as I said, I did install this “VST CONNECT SE/PRO 4.0.40” : from
But this IS NOT the “SE”, will give me the “Sorry connection failed. Make sure both sides use the same up-to-date version” error.

So I tried the “Pro” - Version from the “Steinberg Download Manager” instead. It exactly looks the same as the installation process, the installation dialog says wrongly it would install the “Performer” version. But in reality it does somehow install instead the “SE” Version. Although, when I start the VST Connect after installation , it still claims to be the “Performer” Version. But now I can connect to the Cubase 10.5 Pro without the error message.

That is a very strange, odd, and confusing behavior.

hi - think you are getting a big confused :slight_smile:

just to recap:

1 - VST connect allows you to connect your Cubase/Nuendo computer to a remote PERFORMER computer

2 - There are two versions: SE (comes bundled with cubase/nuendo) and PRO (paid for licence - extra functions)

3 - The Cubase/Nuendo software is actually 3 plugins

4 - The remote PERFORMER computer needs software installing on it - this remote software is the same if you are using SE or PRO

5 - To update the SE/PRO plugins then you need to run the FULL installer

Do yourself a massive favour and download the beta versions from:

the cubase/nuendo side needs the plug+performer download - the remote computer just needs the performer