[SOLVED]Why are the Halion 5 product info. links disabled ?


I noticed that the Halion 5 info. links are disabled on the Steinberg website. Any idea why ?

Oh… and It’s not my browser, since all other product links work.

Could they be updating something ? Any clues what’s going on ?


Maybe a glitch, because checking now, it is working on my end.


It is not working here. The link text (Find out more) in the lower right of the Halion 5/ HS2 graphics window is showing in black, instead of red, and is not active. All other product links (in the lower right) are in Red, and active.

I tried Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and they all show the same issue.

Any additional verifications of this would be helpful. I think they need to fix it. Especially, given it is their latest product release. Since it is the weekend now, they might not be able to fix it until Monday.

Also … Halion 5, and Halion Sonic 2 are also not listed in the products page. :open_mouth:


Update : OK, Halion 5 & HS2 Links are active again.

Thanks Steinberg.