[solved] why can’t I get whole bar rests?

Hello, in this example I would like to have three whole bar rests in the lower voice (to replace the 3 d’s):

If I re-input whole note rests I get two half note rests instead:

And if I input with forced duration, they will show up at the beginning of the bar:

How can I get my desired result? Help, please:
not in the middle.png
two rests.png
whole bar rests.png

Go to Notation Options and enable “Show bar rests”. Then delete the notes.

I will have a look there. But: in the system below I do see the single bar rests. Also earlier in the flow I have the correct rests when one voice is pausing…

[Edit] I changed the Notation Options, but it did not solve my problem…:

this is my source I am trying to copy:

2 voices.png

I managed finally after some trial and error:
After I had unchecked the last appearance of the downstem- „Ends voice“ property, I could delete the „unregular“ rests and got beautifully looking single bar rests where I needed them: