[SOLVED] Windows Vista compatibility


I’m not sure I’m posting in the right forum, so if it’s not, please excuse me.

I’m intersted in buying a UR22 audio interface, and I know that Cubase AI 7 is bundled (download version ?). But I couldn’t find anywhere if Cubase AI 7 is compatible with Windows Vista 32-bit. And if it’s not, is it possible to download Cubase AI 6 or any lower version compatible with Vista ?

Before you ask, I don’t want to upgrade to any Windows 7 or Windows 8. For some compatibility reasons, I have to stay under Vista 32-bit (and I like this version more than Win 7).



Finally, I bought the UR22, downloaded Cubase AI 7 and all works fine on Vista 32-bit.

Thanks for your non assistance :unamused:

That is really interesting… I have a 64 bit vista setup and i cannot get it load