[SOLVED] WL10 problems with UAD Apollo ASIO driver (Silver FW)

It’s taken a few attempts to try and work this one out. Currently I cannot run a mastering session in WL10, so it’s back to WL9.5.
A fresh boot (Win10-64) and Cubase works fine with the ASIO driver (UA apollo FW). So does WL9.5.

However, if I start WL10 it seems to be problematic initialising the ASIO driver, as hitting Play does nothing. The correct audio settings are selected in Preferences, however nothing happens when Play is pressed. Then if I exit WL10 and try WL9.5 then same happens. It no longer works. And neither does Cubase. I have to perform a complete reboot to be able to use Cubase and WL9.5 again.

Originally I reported really slow laggy graphics with WL10 when playing, however it seems to have got to the point where it won’t even play any more. Originally it appeared that Ozone 9 was the problem as it consumed lots of resources according to the resource meter on WL10, however the machine is not using more than 25% of the system resources when this happens and the same session runs fine in WL9.5. Cubase has way more plugins in use and runs smoothly.

So I suspect that WL10 is misbehaving with the UA ASIO driver. Hopefully a fix can be found. Until then, it’s not usable.

But didn’t you say you could start playback before?
Could it be sample rate related?

Not sample rate related. Sample rate is constant 44.1K.
Buffer size is also the same at 512.
WL10 is doing something with the ASIO driver which renders it unusable until the machine is rebooted.

After first install I could start playback, which was jerky and erratic (graphics) and the resource meter maxed out. I managed to get this sort of under control for a couple of days by removing a couple of heavy plugins, but just went to try a mastering session after completing the mix in Cubase and WL10 won’t play anything. Checked drivers, buffers, sample rates and rebooted. Still flicks the play button yellow for a couple of seconds and nothing. Speaker sets (2) are correctly assigned and the outputs allocated for each. Reboot and use WL9.5 and it’s working fine. Suspect some significant changes to the ASIO handling in WL10 is causing problems.

Try turning OFF the Resample option, also check ‘Release driver when in background’. Turning off Resample fixed my issues with WL10 although I expect this Resample option will be fixed in the next update…

Resample module is off. The Release Driver when in Background is also already set.
Another note is that I am using Soanarworks (latest release) which I think inserts itself somewhere in the device ASIO output stream. Bypassing this does not appear to have any effect though.

A further test.
Open an empty project, reset the master section so there are no plugins anywhere.
Open Preferences->Audio connections. Two devices shown in dropdown, UA Apollo and Generic.
Hit ‘Refresh’. All devices disappeared from the dropdown so there are no audio devices to select from.

All devices disappeared from the dropdown so there are no audio devices to select from.

Not normal of course.
Hmm, if you are ok, I could instruct you how to run dome diagnostic from WaveLab about this.

Thanks Philippe,

Windows 10 just did an update.
After this update I managed to run a mastering session for a single track through it without any problems. All looking normal.
Could have been some strange quirk with Win10? Too many complex systems interacting these days to easily locate problems.
Lets’ see if it behaves itself over the next week. I have several tracks to master.


Snap … I bet this was the same Windoze update that caused weirdness the other day. here It required a restart. Then, another update followed that background installed … no restart necessary and the issues went away.

Could have been some strange quirk with Win10? Too many complex systems interacting these days to easily locate problems.

Maybe. For a couple of months, I have observed strange things in Windows 10 caused by the Firewire interface, causing “Blue Screen of Death”, and not when running WaveLab :wink:

Started doing it again. Maybe the latest Win10 update. Anyhow Cubase 10 works fine and WL10 exhibits problems with the ASIO driver. Several things have been observed, including WL10 crash when Play is hit, all entries in the audio device dropdown disappear after clicking ‘Reset’, failure to do anything when ‘Play’ is hit. I suspect they are all related to an ASIO problem in WL10.

Hi!. Exact same issues here with WL 10 with a fireface 802 connected via usb.
Sometimes it hangs on pressing PLAY.
Sometimes it crashes when trying to set preferences or starts rescanning the drivers.
WL 9.5 is just fine, other than being slow in reacting to pressing PLAY…(Cubase 10.5 is also fine).

Latest update fixes my issues. Wavelab is my reliable workhorse again. Thanks!