[SOLVED] Worksheet. Hide/Show Player Name Issue

Hi, I would like to create a Worksheet. How can I hide Names of 1. Stimme, 2. Stimme, Flöte and Klavier, because this information will be available in a description as well. Anyway I would like to keep names of percussion instruments. How can I achieve it?

If I delete more than one player name in Editor, Dorico starts to rename them automatically to 1, 2, 3 etc. If I am trying to fake it and rename players into a names which contain just one, two or three spaces, I am not able to aline all of them properly, because this space will be “showed” in a score as well. Did I miss some way to solve it?

Do I have to hide all of them and create a text frame on a left side of a percussion score in order to fake instruments names there? It would be great, if one day Dorico would allow us to hide instrument names one by one checking or unchecking them in engraving settings.

Layout Options > Staves and Systems.
Set staff labels to None.

Dear Leo,
I’m afraid this does not answer mipi’s question… He wants the labels out — except for percussions
Dear mipi, have you tried the hard spaces workaround? Instead of deleting the instruments names, replace them with hard spaces (one for the first staff, two for the second, etc). This fools Dorico and prevents it from automatic numbering. Thus you don’t have to change anything to your Layout options settings.

Ah! If you want percussion instrument names to remain, why not just edit the Short Names of each of the other instruments (to a space)?

Dear Marc, as a wrote already, I discovered somehow the hard space option my self, but, this space will be “showed” as well. So upper line is closer to the border, a next one little bit more far away, a third one - even more. Thats what I wrote in my description - I can not aline them to the left precisely.

Dear Pianoleo, to give a short names to other instruments - it’s a good idea, anyway I would like to save this space, because there will be some text frames on this page as well. And some of them will use this space as well.

Is it possible to create a worksheet page within the same project which will use a different hide/show settings as a main master page does? So far I understand - no…At least not yet?

I like a way Dorico works with music frames - it gives a lot of flexibility. Any way why not to let user to choose which Instrument names exactly have to be showed? All instrument names could be checked by default and a user could uncheck them if needed.

You can show/hide staff labels from any Frame Break or System Break. That might help…

Hm…I would like to hide some of them just on a very beginning of this piece…

I have found a way to solve it renaming instruments I would like to hide in this particular way:
Instrument 1 - space
Instrument 2 - space, enter, space
Instrument 3 - space, enter, space, enter, space
and so one…
Now they are alined perfectly to the left…Any way would be great if it would be possible one day to achieve it without such workarounds…

I got around this by making a Paragraph Style with Size: 0.5pt, Stretch: 1% and Foreground color: white, then manually applying that to the instrument names I want to hide. For duplicate instruments I just added an extra character to the second (third, etc.) instance of the instrument. It’s still pretty hacky, but it’s less onerous than keeping track of how many lines of invisible spaces you’ve put into the character box.

Unless I’m very much mistaken, you’ve got a bunch of separate flows on separate systems. What’s to stop you adding a system Break at the start of each one?

Dear pianoleo, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I was not able to follow your ideas about inserting a system breaks. I have just 2 Flows. I created an extra Worksheet page, I tried to implement some parts of the arrangement there. Would you be so kind to take a look? A task here is to hide all instruments names on a very first page except a names of percussion instruments.
Debka Hora Test.dorico.zip (653 KB)

This is what I’m suggesting

Thank you so much, pianoleo! I didn’t know it is possible to set it in a properties panel. Thank you for your video - it explains everything just in a few seconds😊 It is the best way to solve it😊

Oh come on… It’s been there for ages :sweat:

Yes Marc, but who will come across an idea to set a system break on a FIRST NOTE in order to see this option at all? I am happy it is possible to solve in such an easy way, but it is not a very intuitive way…

I agree. NOT intuitive at all.
But, I’m painfully learning…

I agree. But hey, let’s face it, Dorico is starting to lean towards a very mature and complete program to work on very complex matters. There comes a time when some functions cannot be intuitive, no matter how hard the team thinks this out… And we need to use documentation (or the forum)

I think it’s also worth recognising that it’s pretty unusual for someone to create a page where some instruments have names and others don’t. I’m pleased that Dorico supports this at all.

It think such situation can be quite usual creating worksheets for pedagogical purposes. If in a description there is information already what an example is about, there is no need to put there an instrument name, any way percussion usually is more complex if there are playing many instruments at once.
I am very happy as well Dorico can solve even this situation. Thank you again for your friendly help. And…I like this program as much as you do :blush:

The system break is necessary. Otherwise, the place where the break happens can move when you make edits. You make think it’'s unintuitive but it is quite logical.