Some apps no sound when connected to Cubasis


Guitarism. Nil. Works. Moving

Guitarism. Slash Amplitude. Not working. Stuck Half full

Guitarism. Amp kit. Works. Moving

Synthecastor. Nil. Not working. Stuck Full

Firo. Nil. Works. Moving

Cannot hear the audio on the ones that don’t work above. Any advice please, much appreciated. These are the only apps I use at present.

What are we talking - Audiobus or IAA?
Please provide us with an exact step by step description in order to give it a repro.


Hi Lars

Thanks for getting back to me. I thought the issue had gone but it’s still happening. I have iPad 4 & it occurs in both AudioBus & IAA. I start a new project (midi & audio) use Guitarism with Slash or Amplitube in effects. I manage to record ok with the CPU meter just starting to flicker. If I then record a drum track using the excellent drums in Cubasis, go back to record guitar again, there is no sound from Guitarism. Go back to the Audiobus panel & Guitarism says busy for a few seconds. If I take out the effects (amp) then Guitarism will play into Cubasis ok. Same problem when I try to use Synthcaster but even without any effects, it will still freeze & no sound.

Basically, I have only 2 apps that provide Audio. Guitarism & Synthcaster. Using both of these, the problem is there. I find that I HAVE to use the Cubasis instruments to complete the project.
Is this just purely down to CPU? It seems to be as the CPU meter freezes 3/4 of the way to max when Audio tracks are added.

If it is CPU then a new bigger iPad will be needed but I’ve hardly anything else on it. No Fbook,Twitter & only a sprinkling of apps. I have over half the memory free. I “housekeep” regularly & always close everything else when recording.
Thanks Lars.
Kind regards Kev

Hi Kev,

Are you able to provide me with a short video clip that we can use to give the issue a repro?


A couple of things…

Off the bat, try freezing your tracks. FX and the minisampler can take a bit of CPU power and freezing will lower that.

Are you closing down all apps (long press home, and swiping?), and rebooting (hold standby and home button until Apple logo appears)?

Can you describe your exact routing of apps into Cubasis?
Different apps seem to work differently with IAA and AB, and how they get into Cubasis. Often in AB, ejecting, then closing, then reloading the input app often fixes a broken input.

Also, in Cubasis, double check that the Monitor button is on on the track you are recording to.

Last note - you mentioned a “bigger” iPad; the GB listed on iPad models refers to storage capacity, and has nothing to do with performance. The important things are the CPU and RAM; each newer iPad has a faster CPU, and every iPad through the Air1 have 1gb of ram, and the Air2 has 2gb. I.e. an iPad Air1 with 16gb of storage and will perform the same as an Air1 64gb, there’s just more room for more projects/files/apps/etc.

hope this helps

Hi wigglelights,
Thanks so much for all the info & advice. I’m still on a learning curve with all this & your points will definitely help me. I’ve been playing around & found that by recording the Audio tracks first (guitarism & synthcaster). This then allows me to record the remainder of the midi instruments (all Cubasis) without the CPU meter flirting with death!
I will now try freezing the tracks (I was worried with my limited knowledge that I’d lose the track)to see if this helps. Thanks for the CPU, RAM & rebooting explanations, which I was not doing correctly. I’ve a lot to learn & im sorry that this will be be like sucking eggs to you but I really appreciate your time. Thankyou wigglelights.