"Some audio files are missing. Please check installation"

Hey again everyone. So I posted over the last few days about the nightmare I’ve been having getting Cubase 10 to install all of its content where I want it. Long story short, I fixed(ish) it by first running Library Manager, then choosing a default location for new libraries, then running Cubase 10 Installer. Only then did the VST Sound files go where I told them to. Otherwise, they would’ve ended up all over my C: drive. Not happy it’s taken me two days to figure it out but, whatever.

My only enduring problem (and I had this before anyway) is the error mentioned in the title, with HalionSonic SE. Any ideas how to correct this? Once I get this sorted then everything is fine and I can continue with my re-installation.

Thank you so much in advance for any help!!

*Edit: also missing random files like a single China from “The Kit” SE. Losing my cool…

Update: my install folder (as downloaded from the Steinberg Download Assistant) was 16GB. Not 21-24GB. It might’ve been that simple all along. I’ll know shortly. But the C10 installer should have some kind of integrity checker. At no point did it say it was missing anything. I guess I’ll know what’s what shortly.

And another update…it worked. No idea what happened, and it sucks that it’s taken me two days to figure it out but at least it’s an excuse to get my libraries and drives in order. Again, C10 should really check that all the content is there. And the download assistant didn’t give me any warning about an incomplete download. Weird eh?