Some audio files are missing

My Dorico 2 no longer recognizes most instrument choices in a score made before a just-rebuilt Windows 10.
The rebuild was made necessary by a PC lockup that prevented rebooting following a corrupted Windows 10 upgrade.
Reinstalled Dorico 2 runs, but upon opening gives the HALion Sonic 3 error message that “Some audio files are missing.”
For example, the Setup choice “Trumpet Bb” was previously serviced by the HALion sample “Trumpet combi KS” which doesn’t
actually exist in the HALion Sonic 3 list of samples available in Play mode (as far as I can see). Evidently the heard sound
is literally a behind-the-scenes combination of listed sound samples. It seems most other Setup mode chosen instruments
also are such combos that I have no idea how to reproduce.

Now, if in Play mode I choose a trumpet sound for a player, say Trumpet I, from the Sonic-listed trumpet sounds, say “Solo Trumpet VX”, then save the project, this choice is remembered upon reopening Dorico. So, in principle, it seems I can by hand re–assign HALion Sonic listed sounds to all the 30 or so instruments in my concert band score. BUT: 1) This would entail a LOT of work; and 2) Many of the listed sounds are awful. E.g., “[G-M 0577] Trumpet” sounds like a toy organ.

Has anyone on the Forum encountered this sort of thing? Is there a way of my getting Dorico to remember what it used to know before the OS catastrophe? (Yes, I’ve reinstalled Dorico 2 and HALion Sonic 3 from a previous download that was needed to solve a different problem. As far as I know, I’m up-to-date on that score.)


P.S. I noticed that on opening the reinstalled Dorico 2 I now get “Tour Guides” to various features. I hadn’t seen that before. Unfortunately, none of them help solve my problem.

It sounds like you haven’t got the HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds installed. I know you have a slow internet connection, Norm, but I think you need to download and install the Dorico Playback 1 and Dorico Playback 2 components from Steinberg Download Assistant.

I moved my sounds to a new drive using Steinberg Library Manger (for Cubase). Now Dorico doesn’t find the sounds. Is there a way to define the path to the library in Dorico?

I think this is what you are looking for. The Plus sign will let you add a new search path (but I am guessing you know that).

That’s not quite right, Derrek: those are the paths to VST2.x plug-ins, whereas HALion Sonic SE is a VST3 plug-in, and the paths you set here have no influence on how HSSE finds its sounds. Did you try quitting and restarting Dorico after you made the changes in the Steinberg Library Manager?

Yes, even restarting my mac doesn’t help. Still missing sounds

The Problem is, that the Steinberg Library Manager move everything to the new place (I can see all librarys) but now the app doesn’t find those Librays. Big Fun…

Just guessing, but Is the Library Manager expected to work with Dorico 1 and 2 if you start moving libraries around? It was first bundled with the Dorico 3 installer. With Dorico 1 and 2 there was no option to choose where to install the sounds, IIRC.

seems like the library manager lost everything. I’m rebuilding everything at the moment… Obviously there went something wrong with the library manager…

after reinstalling everything works now…

Perfect ! Thanks for the update and good work !