Some audio tracks are quiet after moving folder


I recently moved all my Cubase 9.5 project folders to a new harddrive since my old one was full and I was afraid that it was on the end of its life span. Anyway!

When I open the projects now everything seems more or less fine EXCEPT for my guitar tracks… I can see that there is sound recorded for the track and it was no problem before but it is just quiet. The plugin/amp presets for the tracks are reset but I should still get some sound imo. (Example screenshot at the bottom of this post)

Anyone had the same problem or able to assist me?

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As far as I can see, this is the only track panned hard left. All other tracks are on the center.

Double-check the Audio Connections > Outputs, of the left output is rooted correctly, please.

Hi Martin!

Thanks for your answer!

That track in particular just happened to be highlighted for some reason. The track next to it is a hard-pan right which is just a duplicate of the same track. The issue is with all guitar tracks (every red track) and is the same in every project since I moved the files.


Could you attach a screenshot from the MixConsole > Routing tab, please?

Not sure how to get there, I did not have any tab called Routing.


Open the MixCinsole window [F3], please.