Some Basic Questions

My use case for IC Pro is that my drum kit is about 15 feet away from the computer and I need to be able to control Cubase and perform normal recording functions from my kit. I cant seem to figure out how to do a couple of basic things.

Which track is selected?
In IC Pro I have the track view and one of the key command views up. When I press up, down, left, and right in the command view I can see the events being selected in Cubase on my PC, but I cannot tell in IC Pro with track or event is currently selected. My expectation is that the event should be highlighted as it is in Cubase. A nice feature to be added would be the ability to touch a track event and have it be selected.

Track Names?
Why are the track names not shown on the track view? Colors are ok, but the names would be much more useful.

Hopefully I just missed these somewhere in the manual. Thanks.