Some Bugs and odd things in Dorico 3.5.1

I wish to comment a few things that are not very good with Dorico. Not very serious, but problems after all.

  • Sometimes, when you add a dynamic at the end of a hairpin through a popover, it adds the dynamic and an extra popover. Sometimes, if there was a dynamic already, instead of changing one for another, it puts both.

  • When you extend a note that has a trill or a hairpin, just the note is extended (which is weird).

  • There are some playing techniques (like arco or pizz) you can’t add in several parts at once via popover.

  • Some popovers appear offscreen if the score is very big (the tempo popover for instance, it always appears on top, visible or not).

  • When you copy a piano part with pedal sign into other part, sometimes it just pastes the pedal signs. I don’t know why (I think it’s copying from piano to woodwinds, strings or brass).

  • In Italian, there are two tamburo militare, one with snares an another without. The problem is both are labelled exactly the same (this is not a bug, but it could be worked out).

  • When you hit record in a grand staff, it always record in the upper staff, even if you select the lower one. The workaround is using shift N first but… it shouldn’t be necessary.

  • Related with this one, if you hit record the new data replaces the old one… even if you’re recording in a different staff inside the grandstaff. The workaround is using Q, but I think that MIDI Replace shouldn’t be the default option to record.

I hope it helps to improve the program or anything.