Some bugs and suggestions about exported audio files

  1. For the exported audio file, if the file name is Chinese, the title in the additional information will display garbled characters.
  2. Opening the exported audio file will start playing the sound immediately, can it be played after a delay? At the end of the audio file, the music will still be played for a while after the end of the music. Can it be shortened or removed?

You can adjust the reverb tail in the Export Audio dialog, so that there is less (or no) silence at the end of the exported audio. You can achieve a delay at the start of the audio file by specifying a non-zero vaue for the flow pre-roll on the Timing page of Playback Options. (This will affect playback as well as audio export.)

How do you change the pre-roll only for the first flow and not for the others?

You can’t: the settings in Playback Options apply to all flows.

What kind of pre-roll do you need? One could use a separate blank flow as the pre-roll and omit it form the print version. That way one could set the between-flow pauses to zero.

The pre-roll flow could even use a percussion instrument to supply a tempo click which cuts off a beat or two before instrument entry.

I just need 2 seconds before playing.
I saved the project with another name and in this “new” project I added some rests before the first note. Yet ideally it would have a better option.
I am not so comfortable working with many flows. I try to make it as simple as possible. But I guess that’s how Dorico works.