Some CMC FD questions

Hi - Just finished watching the Steinberg youtube, , and had a question or two I was hoping someone could help with:

  1. Is there any indication of whether “jump” mode or “catch” mode is the active one? I could see forgetting what the last command I gave was, and looking for some sort of toggle state indicator to remind me.

  2. If Cubase is powered down, then the faders moved, then Cubase is powered up - will the Cubase mixer faders jump to the current CMC FD position, messing up the previous mix? What if, instead of Cubase being powered down, one went to a different product/moved the faders/then came back - what would happen to the Cubase faders?

Thanks much -

There is no real indication to determin if you are in catch or jump mode. It is pretty easy to remember or to figure out.

The initial values when opening projects will always be determined by the Cubase software mixer and the CMC FD will simply follow.

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Thank you Greg for your helpful answer, and also your vids are da bomb, keep 'em coming please (C6 mainly)!

Greg, are you able to send midi cc out with the FD ? I want to send cc 11 to 4 midi tracks - if this wont , then i will look at the korg nano fader - thx