Some Dorico praise for a change

I know we often give the team a hard time here with all our dissatisfactions and missing features, but once in a while it’s nice to step back and appreciate what they have accomplished:

After finishing my percussions concerto, I am currently sitting at the preface (which is very much work in progress).
Dorico makes it so easy and nice to design these.
In this example, I can change how:

  • the percussion instruments are presented (5-line or grid)
  • change the noteheads and their positions in the staff
  • change the instrument names
  • change font choices for the paragraph styles
  • etc

in the score, and because I am using the same players, it all automatically changes in the preface as well!
No mistakes! No inconsistencies! No multiple files and cross platforms!
And: it already looks beautiful, and that’s before the fine tweaking.
Just my two thanks :wink:


I’d like to throw my two cents worth in here. Being a developer of Dorico must sometimes feel like a bull in a bull-ring. There are plenty of people waving red capes around and others ready to stick nasty “pins” in your back. But the truth is that Dorico is a fantastic product and its developers deserve significant praise for their accomplishments.
Like everyone else, I’ve got my own stack of “couldn’t we have” and “why can’t we do” and “why on earth does it do this and not that” questions - but unless we, ourselves, are prepared to get off our you-know-whats and actual create something better, then we should take a more moderate approach in our comments and requests.
Dorico guys, you get my vote for doing a great job!