Some drum kit sounds not playing

(Using Dorico 3)

I’m writing a drum part and some of the drum sounds aren’t playing, notably Tom 2 and Fl Tom 1. I’ve checked in “Play” and they are using the same channel as the other drum sounds - GM 129 Stereo GM Kit. Any ideas?

Did you check the levels in Halion Sonic SE (the controllers above the vitual keyboard)? I had some trouble with my midi keyboard sending unwanted controller information which set some of these Halion controllers to 0.


I can’t find where that is…

However now, the snare is playing a trumpet sound!

OK, go to Play mode, in the right panel you see “VST instruments”. Click the “e” before Halion Sonic SE. Then the Halion window opens with the virtual piano at the bottom. When you choose the drumkit on the left, you can see the controllers for the different drums of the kit above this piano.

Did you try in Play mode “Play” -> “Load sounds for unassigned instruments” and
“Play” -> “Apply default playback template”?