Some examples, video & audio

Here are some vids I just made, most of the time SL6 crashed on me while screen-casting but these two eventually went through.

Audio-morphing a drone with a processed field recording using the moulding function in Spectral Layers 6.

Audio-morphing a viola phrase from one of my chamber music works with a female speech recording (from an interview I made with my mum).

Nice thanks!


Were these videos from the stand-alone version of SpectraLayers 6?

Yes, I can only use the standalone as my main DAW is LogicX and there is no AU/Ara. I haven’t used SL6 in Cubase (it probably won’t even run in my version 8).

Thanks. You are correct in that SL6 wont run in Cubase 8. While I have Cubase 10, I do find it a bit more convenient to run SL6 as a stand alone. Now, once I get into molding and casting to mix drums and base, then I will use SL6 as an ARA extension in Cubase 10.