some feature wishes


  1. Undo function that can undo level changes from mixer (undo last movement sequence, not every decimal Db point along the way;)
  2. in note expression - use stretch at top like you can use it at the bottom of the expression window
  3. EQ section for sidechain compressor (so that only X frequency triggers the signal)
  4. see #1 :wink:

Thanks for reading=)

Yes, undo for the mixer - well everything really - would be nice.

Sidechain EQ - hmm, seems like something that should rather be part of the compressor plugin as opposed to the sidechain implementation in Cubase. And it’s quite easy to add a group in the path and EQ in the group channel then send to the sidechain.


Hi Mike=)
Thanks for your input.
-yes, would be nice to have the EQ activated (or not) through the compressor itself. For workflow it’s nicer than making extra channels…

and… undo for mixer = drooool=) :ugeek:

+1 for Undo Mixer