Some figured bass questions

I’m just practicing some figured bass entry, and for the most part it works really well! With a bit of fiddling I created the passage below - there didn’t seem to be an obvious way to have just one continuation line though unless I missed something.

I was wondering if it was possible to swap the order, so have the 4-3 in the top line and 6-5 on the bottom (it seems to be done this way deliberately in the original source) without resorting to graphic slices…which are great inserted on a master-page for incipits though!


My colleague Richard has a rather brilliant suggestion, which is to enter the “4” as “11” and then simplify its octave (so it appears as 4).


That’s brilliant Lillie - works perfectly! Thank you (and Richard!)

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 9.39.05 pm|402x440


I was taught to figure (figured bass) the dominant seventh chord using a reference to the leading note (sensible in French – not sure of the translation) indicated by a + sign. Following the chord inversions 7+ (meaning +3), 6 strike out 5, +6, +4. Using the available options, I succeeded with the 6 strike out 5 but I’m unable to find a way to write the others with a +. When I type a + it raise the figure by a half-step (semitone). How (if possible) can I do this with Dorico? Sorry for my poor english.


Jean - Louis

see Figured bass question

Thank you for your answer. I’ll wait for a solution, knowing I’am not the only one.