Some flows do not appear in Full Score, even though that is ticked in Layouts

I have encountered a strange problem since upgrading to Dorico 4. I have constructed a new file, made from nine previsouly saved flows created in Dorico 3.5. Flows 3 to 8 appear perfectly, but numbers 1, 2 and 9 refuse to appear in Full Score - only in Galley View and in individual parts. If I click on Full Score under Layouts in Setup - all flows are highlighted, and all flows when individually clicking on them show Full Score highlighted. What am I missing. Having used Dorico for two years, I have never encountered this problem before.

You’re going to need to share the file for the devs to look at it. You can post it here publicly (and other users will also test it to see if they get the same result) or you’ll have to email it to Daniel directly.

If you switch to Engrave mode, make sure the full score layout is open in the music area, go to the panel on the right, expand the Page Templates section, double-click either the First or Default page template (doesn’t matter which) and look at the selectors in the top-left of the music frame – what flows are selected in the MA frame chain?

Thanks very much Lillie - it worked. The puzzle is to establish what I did to cause those flows to be absent! Anyway, problem sorted - so thanks very much.

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Thanks Romanos - I was about to take up your sensible suggestion - when I got another response - and it transpired that those three flows were not highlighted in the Page Templates in Engrave mode. So problem now solved. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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