Some folder clips won't move with selection

A problem I encountered sometimes since many years but became problematic in a big project I’m working on…

I use folders a lot, I love them, to help me categorize things in a project.
In that new project, I also started using sub folders to help me drag around and overlap many groups of tracks that are supposed to stay in sync (see screenshot).

My problem is that when trying to move a lot of folder clips in the main folder (here called “GTR_fast2_choice”), very often smaller clips inside get left behind (see red circle in 2nd screenshot)

I have no idea why. Those tracks are not locked or anything, I can move them individually. But it’s like when doing a lasso to select, those few clips within are not considered as belonging to the whole sequence of folder clips. Does that make sense?

Note : I noticed this in 10.5, and I see it’s exactly the same in Cubase 13.

Any idea of how to fix this? I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a feature…
Otherwise any tips would be appreciated !

Thanks !

Where is the screenshot ?

I forgot to attach, typical… :man_facepalming:It’s there now, thank you !

Do you select everything with the mouse or with a keyboard shortcut or macro ?

All with the trackpad, with a regular lasso / selection rectangle (click drag release)

the tracks are not locked but are certain clips or events not locked individually by mistake

because there is the lock unlock track function
and the function lock unlock an event

and if you lock an event and unlock a track the event remains locked

Afterwards I don’t see what else it could be

Yes I was aware of the lock event but it’s not the case either. As you can see there is no lock icon on the clips :frowning:

When zooming in to my previous example to see those particular stubborn clips,
I noticed that even the subfolder clip will not move when selected individually (screenshots 1 & 2)

Note : There is no possibility to lock/unlock folder clips as regular events anyway

I can only move the actual tracks within those subfolders (screenshots 3 & 4)

Is this reproducible on both Cubase 10.5 and 13?
I’d like to test it on Cubase 12.

PS. In Steinberg lingo the containers for MIDI are called Parts and MIDI Parts contain MIDI Events (such as MIDI Notes eg)

I think you misunderstood, I do not use midi in that project, except empty midi containers from time to time to take notes.
It’s all audio clips in audio tracks located in folders / subfolders.

I got the same result on both 10.5 and 13 yes.
Do you mean you expect a different result on 12?
Is that useful if I prepare and share a simpler version of that huge project, with only those tracks to see why they don’t move?

My bad. I was looking at one of Freudon’s screenshots.

If you experience the same issue in both 10.5 and 13 I wouldn’t expect a different result in 12. I’d still like to see if I can reproduce it.
If you could, write a simple step-by-step that leads to this issue. Ideally, start with a blank project. If more people can reproduce it, I think it is more likely that Steinberg can hone in on the root cause and hopefully fix it.

I don’t think I can, it just happens (it seems) randomly after doing the same thing over and over, simple editing. Unless I pressed a default shortcut I didn’t know about on some of them, I work pretty fast.

I assume people at Steinberg have access to some tools to inspect a project for more information than we can, like Cubase version compiled with an inspector or some ways to print properties in their code.

Is there a way to contact them directly? I’d be happy to provide a simplified version of my current project for testing.

Yeah, those are tricky to get to the bottom of. If it only happens on one project or project derived from the same template, I wouldn’t rule out that something got corrupted.

Yes. Look at this page.

I don’t use templates, and I saw this already several times over the years (probably since 7 or 8? I’m not sure when I started to rely on folders so heavily. But clearly it’s with that one current project it’s the most annoying.

Thank you !

Ok it took over a month of back and forth with the support team but finally they helped me solve the issue. And it was in fact so simple :face_exhaling:

Basically, all those “folder clips” that were stuck automagically get freed if you disable… the tempo track !

Why is the tempo track related to folder clips? I’m not sure, that’s not 100% logical (for me it’s a bug…) but I asked the support team.

Finally, why are certain folder clips blocked by the tempo track and others are not?
I’m not sure either, I also asked.

Also, why was the tempo track on to begin with? I never use it… Well that’s because of the T key I probably hit by mistake. I disable that immediately !

If you are curious, here is a simplified cubase project (~5Mb) that shows the issue. In there you can move the individual clips, but not the folders above them. Unless you disable tempo track of course :slight_smile:

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