Some Functions are greyed out

I was looking for a way to jump back on the selected start in a cycle when pressing the space bar, and I found out you can do this in Transport > Play Project Range > Play From Selection start. The Problem is, this Funktion is greyed out and therefore I can’t turn It on. Thank you for helping.

Do you have anything selected with the range tool?

Oh yes, when I create a range with the range tool it works, but I meant it for these purple cycles if theres a way to make them jump back to start too? And I also need that as a default setting so it always does this. I have to be honest, I just downloaded cubase and im not very familiar with the settings, or where I could fix that. In Logic Pro it does that automatically when I try to highlight a part of the track so I would be great If I can set this as a default too.

By default, on your numeric keypad, 1 is the keyboard shortcut for moving the Project Cursor to the Left Locator and 2 to move it to the Right Locator.
Is this what you’re after?

when pressing 1 or 2 it jumps between Range Selection and Object Selection

So that it always jumps back to that orange selected start from the loop when I press the space bar

I dont have the numbers on the right in my keyboard with the numbers on top its not working

Yeah, the num pad keys are not the same.
Then you would have to re-assign those commands to some other keys.
Go to Edit > Key Commands and look in the Transport section.

I would highly recommend you invest in a full size keyboard. The num pad keys are perhaps the most used ones in Cubase as they hold the default key commands for stuff like moving the Project Cursor, Play/Stop, return to last stop position, Return to start of project, Go to markers, Start record, enable Cycle Mode, etc. I couldn’t live without it.

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Okay thank you very much.