Some graphics issues persist on Mac.

There have been GUI/graphics improvements on Mac that are fantastic, and there are some that persist and prevent Cubase from feeling fully like a pro app such as Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, etc.


  1. The vertical “cursor line” or whatever it’s called (the one that moves through the project in the Project Window so you can see where you are) is still jerky on projects with higher CPU/lots of tracks.

  2. Scrolling in the mixer is still jerky.

Repro: Just see what the issue are above.

I’ve had multiple people working with me who use other DAWs ask me why the main cursor line in the project window is so jerky, if something is wrong. I’ve seen the issue on other composer friends systems with C10.

Same here, not only is it jerky but the software becomes sluggish and less responsive as well when this occurs.
it’s even worse when mixing midi and audio.
See the example below.
And no, my CPU is not taking strain - this a basic non-VST-intensive project.

Still very jerky cursor line in the main window and very sluggish and jerky scrolling in the project window on big projects. Also still jerky scrolling in the mixer. The difference is highly noticeable when you use other DAWs on Mac. Really doesn’t look professional when clients are used to the very smooth and fast GUI of Pro Tools that they usually see – let’s get this fixed!

Here on my old iMac 2012 it’s a way better than in 9.5 and it doesn’t matter if only one track without plugins or a 50+ project loaded.
In Live, Reason, Studio One, Logic and of course WaveLab (a Steinberg product, isn’t it?) the GUIs are very response while Cubase is thinking about what to do for a half of a second.

I’m also having some poor performance on the mixer. It’s even worse when I move a lot of faders at the same time (with VCA, for example)
I made a video comparing 9.5 and 10. Everytime I move the faders you will see the computer slowing down.