Some Groove Agent Kits/media marked as "no entry" sign/icon

Hi all,
Some Groove Agent kits/media, although showing in the media bay, are marked with a NO ENTRY icon, and can’t be used. These include eg Simon Phillips Studio drums and the recent freebie Bouncy.
What does this mean? Is it because I’ve got Elements 13? Despite the Simon Phillips drums being included in my V13 download?

Thanks in advance

Possible causes are:

  • You do not have a license for Simon Phillips Studio Drums
  • You have a license, but have not activated it
  • You have encountered the issue described in this post

Thank you for your reply
However the FREE Bouncy Vibrations have the same issue. Does that sound right? Have I missed something in download assistant you think? I’ll check.

See this post:

Thanks Puli, I did see that. And I’ve only just noticed there’s a dedicated forum for Groove Agent.
I’ve got a few problems with Groove Agent, now I’ve started using it. Not sure if they’re related to the outstanding fix you linked to. I might post my other issues in the Groove Agent forum and see if they’re related. And get the media bay update.
Thanks again.

How does one know which of all those files shown in “Download Assistant” are part of the V13 upgrade? Are they there just to temp you to buy, or waste disc space? Is it ONLY those marked as “(recommended)” that are included as part of V13? And all the others are there if you want to buy them? Despite it not saying anything either way?

Steinberg Download Assistant guide

Thank you Soundman