Some Groove Agent SE5 kits not showing in Groove Agent 5

Dear Forum,

In my Cubase 12 Pro enviroment lives a GROOVE AGENT 5 SE and also his brother GROOVE AGENT 5.
Recently I found out, that the available Kits of GA 5 SE and GA 5 are separated from each other.
If I do a search in my MEDIA-BAY there exist a Kit f.e. called “Anna Hop Kit” - marked in yellow.

If I double click this entry, a new Instrument Lane is created in my active Project Window, containing a new Instrument: A Groove Agent 5 SE as Track Instance (not as Rack Instance, even not to choose).
Well so far so good. Pads are loaded with corrosponding samples - all seems ok.

But when I try to find this Drum Kit in the Groove Agent 5 SE from its LOAD PANEL the Preset “Anna Hop Kit” is not showing up. I did several rescans of the Media Bay before, also increased the number of listed items - but the LOAD PANEL from GA 5 SE shows not the wanted “Anna Hop Kit” that is already loaded.

Question: Why is this Kit only showing in MEDIA BAY but not in GA 5 SE LOAD PANEL?

This Kit is also not avialable in the full Version of GROOVE AGENT 5. The Kit - and maybe others too - did not show up.

Question: Why are Drum Kits from GA 5 SE and GA 5 seperated? Why do they not shown up in the respective LOAD PANELS of GA 5 SE - A N D - GA 5 FULL?

Does anyone have a clue why this happens and why it is not possible to join this Libraries together?
I barely use the SE Version of GA - but until these days I missed out that there are Drum Kits that are not listed and not to use in the full version GA 5.
It’s really annoying that there are Drum Kits in my Libraries which I dont know about just because they were not listed in the proper way (LOAD PANEL).

Thanks in advance


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Did you ever find a solution? I was thinking about making a thread about this. I too have a bunch of “red circled” content in my GA SE5 as well, including the Anna Hop Kit. The individual drum sounds load as normal when I double click it from the browser, but none of the patterns work. I’m on Cubase 13 Pro now, I didn’t have any problems with this while on Cubase Pro 12.

Found this post in another thread. Looks like a bug related to the 5.2 update and the team is aware of it. :+1:

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My experience is similar to TheHansen01, I can find “Anna Hop”, and other ‘red circle’ kits, in both MediaBay and Groove Agent SE and full Groove Agent 5. The kits currently load and play, but no way to track down where they came from (other than the indicated “Groove Agent One”) nor what .vstsound they are associated with (Steinberg Support hasn’t be able to figure this out either).

The way this has shown itself has changed over time, maybe as result of C13/MediaBay/GA updates. At one point the red circled kits wouldn’t play and there were also red circled instruments, MIDI, Styles in Groove Agent. As of latest C13/MediaBay and GA5/GASE5 (v5.2.0.30) the red circled kits load and play in both but there are no red circled instruments, MIDI, or Styles at the moment.

Thanks! Very helpful and enlightening!

I think I am getting hit with this bug as well. I haven’t tried using the red marked kits as I assumed they are dead.

Dear Groovians,
how to delete the :no_entry: :no_entry: :no_entry: in Groove Agent 5
I would be very grateful for any tips - best regards Stefan

The search in the forum was worthwhile.
Thanks to @Florian_Haack now the :no_entry: are gone!
Best regards and have a nice evening Stefan

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Yeah. FWIW. it might be a good idea to add this notice and reference to downloading older installers on the Steinberg support pages for Groove Agent and Content


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