Some Hal7 bugs

In surround channels within Hal7s mixer, plug-ins, like surround planner, forget their settings still, after saving & re-loading (still there from Hal6, which I reported & was verified by a mod).

In the sample zone, patches using the new spectral stretching algorithm, go dead when played for a while. Switching to other algorithms gets the sound back, but from then on, spectral doesn’t work. Spectral zone itself seems fine though.
Reloading the patch doesn’t help.

Sample recorder needs looking at, some things like auto end level threshold don’t work here.

Very stable though, for a 0.0 release!
Hopefully these bugs are known already, letting you know just in case.

No sound from Halion VST in Cubase so I won’t say it’s a stable release.

Sounds like ‘user error’ to me.