Some help tracks have been slowed down

Hi : )

Would appreciate some help tracing an error or something I may have accidentally set off.

I have been using cubase 8 pro for a few years now.
Awesome product - having lots of fun.

A project I have had for a while - suddenly - a number of the audio guitar tracks have been slowed down to ultra slow.
You know - sounds like someone speaking to you from an acid trip.

Here are the facts:

  • not all of the tracks went slow like this - some other audio, and all of the midi tracks have not slowed down.
  • if I located the slow tracks in the media pool window - they play there slow as well.
  • if I locate the tracks via “show in explorer” (in other words - I locate the actual file in the folder on the computer) -
    it DOES NOT play slow. plays at the normal speed it sounds fine.
  • I save my projects incrementally - every now and then - I save a new version Song_01, Song_02 etc… All of the versions - have the same effect now. The specific tracks play slow - even when I go all the way back from Song_059 to Song_01.cpr or .bak

Not sure what I did.
Not sure how to trace down what happened.

Anyone experience this or have any advice?

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:
I really appreciate any help with this.


Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you didn’t change the Sample Rate of the project. And also make sure, the Sample Rate of the project matches the Sample Rate of your Audio Device, please.

Thank you!
That was the problem - thanks very much for pointing that out : )