Some hopes for Nuendo 14

just one thing:

the abillity to control Nuendo using OSC
( just like reaper ), controlling time, play status, tracks

will be GREAT addition to have

thank you

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Do you mean Open Sound Control?

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Not quite sure what your after from your post but you can download Avid Control from the App Store for free if you have an iPad. I use Cubase IC Pro on my iPad on movie sets but that is about $29.

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Nuendo 14? Did I miss Nuendo 13?


There is nothing like a bit of good ol’ superstition. ;-D


Quite true. We might just skip the good ol’ 13!

Yes just like Reaper

OSC is not an app it is a protocol of connection and communication

:smiley: let say the upcoming Nuendo 13, or 14 or whatever the number they use

Yes, I know what it is, what do you want to do that you can’t do now?

like controlling Nuendo using OSC instead of Midi

and the benifit depends on what is controllable over OSC

for example in Reaper you can control Time (Cursor position )
by sending timecode in milliseconds
and this is easier than using MTC for example

so it will depends on ( what is controllable by OSC )

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I was curious if Nuendo already has it based on this OSC version of Sound Particles Space Controller that is compatible with Nuendo.

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Nuendo can work with an OSC protocol in the network.

this is related to specific app/use and focused on ’ panning ’