Some ideas coming from a Logic / Ableton world

Cubase is so good, it’s the greatest DAW out there. I feel like a kid on Christmas unwrapping each new feature as I keep discovering how well thought out and efficient everything is. I’m a heavy Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton user and I feel Cubase is in a class of it’s own. Coming from Logic and Ableton there are just some little things I miss, and perhaps I just haven’t found them yet. Such as:

  • One key command for full fit to window zoom toggle

Name event / region with key command

Selection tool key modifier for zoom tool toggle - like it works in Vari Audio

Group track and folder track combine into one ( similar to group track in Ableton or track stacks in Logic ) - and visible in mixer

Preset browsing loads faster, seems a bit slow at times, no? Mabye something to do with the cache?

Adjusting warping on project / arrange page - warp tool, warp view

Draw fade curves more easily - as you can in groove agent

Vertical zoom in on in place editor

Vertical zoom with mouse scroll wheel and key modifier

Mac full screen

Beat Page with Beat Designer integration from Sequel 3 :slight_smile: A docked window tab that pops up from the bottom of the screen perhaps? Even more effortless drag and drop from arrange page :slight_smile:

Better Pitch Shift envelope adjustment, bigger range of octaves, easier implementation? Perhaps a transpose curve line similar to volume curve on the waveform.

Automation curve tool key modifier from selection tool, line tool is great but something quick and easy would be nice, similar to fade tool

Just some thoughts. I’m blown away by how amazing every aspect of Cubase is, Halion is insanely good and Groove Agent is incredible. The drag and drop integration of everything is awesome. Too many good things to list!