Some ideas

I have two suggestions
1 - Enable pay per use. I have used Cubase since the earliest versions but I am not using it as a profession and so I am not getting value for money
2 - My son uses virtual DJ software (for live DJ work). It has a feature for isolating vocals which looks and sounds very similar to the one in RX8. How about including similar in Cubase? My understanding is that its based on open source software so shouldn’t require too much development.

This exists in Spectralayers. Spectralayers One is included with Cubase, can’t remember if the vocal component is, I think it is.

Hmmm, I have a different view, cause

  1. there are already different editions available that can help to drive down costs (typically you do not need all the pro features if it is just a hobby)
  2. you get the same value as everyone else, cause you get the same software, features and functions as everybody else
  3. subscriptions tend to be more expensive than a classic license model (I have for example Serato DJ Pro as license and not subscription for exactly this reason. And I’m no professional DJ.)

Regards, Torsten

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Yes definitely agree that subscriptions work out expensive over time but I just want pay per use eg £1 per individual day or similar. I don’t like never ending subscriptions. If I was making money from sound production then of course a full purchase is always better than rental/subscription.