Some improvements for galley view

Hi there,

I am working on my first large, orchestral project in Dorico. For playback I did some parts of it in Sibelius 7.1 with Note Performer, and in direct comparison Dorico’s note input is noticeably slower. It seems to me that the little lag on everything that I input in Dorico makes me tired sooner than when working in Sibelius. That could be due to the relatively new workflow in Dorico, though.
Working on large scores, I also noticed some little things in galley view that should be thought of:

  1. bar numbers: I prepared the score to have bar numbers centered below every bar. Working on a full score in galley view, it would be great to have bar numbers as kind of a ruler at the top of the main window, no matter which zoom level you are working on.
  2. talking of zoom levels: I use a pretty small staff size. When I zoom in, the staff labels, sign posts etc. become very large, since I don’t see an option to adjust their display size independently from the staff size.
  3. talking of zooming in general: When I select something and so a two-finger zoom gesture, Dorico zooms to the top left of the screen and my selection gets out of sight. (Zooming to the point of the cursor or the selection would be more familiar)

Re: your first (unnumbered) point, you’d do well to read this thread:

  1. Yes, it’s on the to-do list:
  2. Interesting idea. Are you aware that you can turn off visible signposts from the View menu?
  3. Yes, we all know it doesn’t work perfectly. If you actually have an object selected then Dorico will centre that point when you zoom; it works fine.

Hi pianoleo,

thanks for your reply!
The input lag, I am referring to is not as severe as mentioned in the linked thread. It’s just a few milliseconds, but it makes note input “feel” a bit sticky and less fluent. Someone also noticed it when entering lyrics very fast. I think, the Dorico team is already aware of it, but I see that it will be hard to handle because of the many complex rules that Dorico has to apply on everything you enter.
Sure, I know that I can turn off sign posts. Nevertheless, it would be nice to have some control over their size – or not having to worry about it, because their size is fixed. :wink:
I just checked point no. 3, and you are right. Zooming now works fine. Maybe it was a bug and I had to restart Dorico…

Is #3 a final solution?
That would be VERY convenient to get the zoom behaviour more in a wysiwyg way: after an edit it’s not uncommun to deselect everything to avoid bad inputs. Zooming on what’s actually on screen (selected or not) should make more sense.

  1. A min:sec timeline would also be useful.
  2. Maybe a separate zoom for signposts. There are other situations where it’s worth having them on screen, but reduced size would help.