Some issues with VST Live 2

When saving a VST Live project, HalionSonic is reloaded, but often loses sound programs in the process. (Why does HalionSonic reload while saving a project?)


Vibrant in HalionSonic no longer shows all effects as they were before after reopening VST Live. FX (chorus, reverb …) appear inactive even though they are active.

While programming the sounds for a complete show, VST Live 2 crashed several times. Mostly when changing songs or parts.

In HalionSonic, effects that are in the layer insert, the settings below are not displayed.


VST Live 2 does not find any Steinberg plugins on my laptop. I wanted to copy my VST Live project to my laptop. 3rd party plugins are displayed. The Steinberg plugins are available in VST Live on my Studio PC.

Just for information:
There are currently no 3rd party plugins in my project. I only use HalionSonic and plugins from Steinberg, but the problems mentioned are still present.

Computer works fine with Cubase 13. (ASUS, CPU i9, 32GB RAM)

… I cannot reproduce it at the moment. We’ll try a bit more. What I did
. Start VL
. HALion Sonic (HS) is loaded a a default Layer Instrument
. Open Editor of HS
. Save project
. Load HS Instrument to slot1 and slo2
. Save project again
HS will not reloaded. Any more tips?

… sounds like a HALion sonic problem. Did you installed the content of HS?

… can you please check if CrashLogs were created. Please have look here :
Do you see files starting with “VST Live*.*” Can you give them to us?

I am not sure that you want to say? HALion has its own Plug-In Set and VST Live has its own Plug-In Set. This info is maybe helping you?

… which Plug-Ins are missing ?

Thank you,

Yes all libraries are installed. I also deinstalled and installed HalionSonic/Halion again. But still the same problems.
Did you see that my pictures in my first post are short GIF movies? When you click them they will be played in a loop. About saving a project and the problem with insert plugins in a layer in HalionSonic.

After I open a project with a Vibrant in a HalionSonic layer, the Vibrant’s effects seem to be off. But they are on, I can hear them. So I always have to remember which effects were on or off before I adjust them.
Screenshot, all effects are off, but in fact they are on, it is well to listen:

Where should I send the crash-log?

The missing plugins on my laptop are all Steinberg plugins. Even “Steinberg” is not listed in the plugin list. All are there on my studio PC.

This is how it looks when the plugins are there (Screenshot):
But on my laptop there is no Steinberg entry, I can not choose any Steinberg plugin.

And then the next problem arises. When I load the project created on my Studio PC onto my laptop, HalionSonic does not load. However, HalionSonic is installed in the same version on both devices.

However, I can load HalionSonic manually.

Thank you!
Best regards, Pino