Some Keyboard shortcuts (Key Commands) do not work when working with Korean IME


“CMD+C” and “CMD+V” work when using British and Korean keyboard under macOS.
However, all commands using “SHIFT + a key” do not work when using a Korean keyboard: all popovers, inserting system break by shift+s etc.
Single key command “R” and “ALT+T” also do not work when using Korean IME.

I am curious why “CMD + (a) key(s)” and “CTRL + a key” work and why “SHIFT + a key” commands, “ALT + a key” commands and “a key” commands do not.
From my programming experience in cycling74 Max and SuperCollider. There are several ways to detect pressing/releasing keys:

  • by ASCII
  • by Platform-Specific Key Code Value
  • by Unicode
  • by Platform-Independent Key Code Value
    Is the key-detection algorithm in Dorico different from one in macOS?

Anyway, this is not a problem when arranging instrumental music, but is not user-friendly when arranging vocal music with Korean texts.

Please ignore this report if it is a Korean-IME-specific problem and if it does not happen when using Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek etc. I guess it could be worthy of changing the internal algorithms only if it generally occurs when using non-western European language keyboards (= the language keyboards not based on Latin alphabet).

I’m afraid it appears that the underlying Qt application framework on which Dorico relies has a number of bugs in its handling of key commands when the Korean IME is in use on macOS. At least two relevant bugs have been filed, e.g. QTBUG-65511 and QTBUG-97494. We’ll contact their support people and ask if they can provide any kind of update on whether or when they are likely to do any work in this area, but I wouldn’t be hugely hopeful for immediate improvement, given that those bugs were reported some time ago and there has been no obvious progress. We don’t currently specifically support Korean for our applications, but obviously we want our software to work as well as possible in as many languages as is practical, so although we can’t promise that we will sort this out immediately, we’ll certainly look into it when time allows.

I appreciate you much for the kind and detailed answer. Thanks!