Some keys not working on Mac (Extended) Numeric Keyboard

When selecting notes using the numeric keyboard (on an extended Mac keyboard) numbers 1 - 9 work as expected - ie: select durations.

However the . (fullstop) -,+ and = signs do not select doted notes, b, # and natural signs - the number keys along the top of the keyboard work fine.

Personally, I find using the numeric keyboard much quicker and more comfortable than the number keys along the top.

iMac runningOSX Sierra

The keys on the keypad don’t do the same as the ones on the main part of the keyboard. They are mapped to the same functions as Cubase:

. = set play head to start

  • = rewind
  • = fast forward
    enter = start/stop

You should be able to remap these if you prefer.

Thank you.