Some lyric questions


  1. Is it possible to filter out just one verse of lyrics? If not, what would be the best way of moving verse 2 to verse 1, and overwriting the first?

  2. Is there a setting for letting pasted lyrics overwrite the lyrics already in place? As it is, they are written on top of each other.

  3. If I change the note value for a note that has a lyric assigned to it, the lyric will stay in place. If I change it with insert mode activated, the lyric will disappear. Is there a way around this?


  1. No, unfortunately not at the moment. If you’re careful you may be able to select the lyrics using a marquee selection and then change them via properties.

  2. There’s nothing to stop you having multiple lyrics in the same line at the same rhythmic position, so it might be a good idea to delete the lyrics you want to replace before you change the line number of the other set of lyrics.

Thanks Daniel, most helpful. I can’t imagine though, where multiple lyrics in the same line could be used, could you point me to an example?

What about number 3?


Did you come back and add your third question after you first posted the thread? You must have done, I think. The answer to 3 is that unfortunately no, at the moment there’s no way around this, but it’s part of the same issue around your second question, and I expect we will address it in future.

I don’t think there is any practical reason to have two lyrics in the same line at the same rhythmic position, but in general we try not to delete things unexpectedly, and this is possibly in that category.

Yes, I did indeed! But I did not see any answer from you at that time, so we must have cross-posted.