Some lyrics are not appearing on iPad

I needed to utilise my older iPad for VLmods for an upcoming gig on saturday. Lyrics track is broadcastet playing 1st song, but starting 2nd, lyrics content is displayed by my phone only.
Displayed timeline position is in correct sync,
Video below:

That’s weird. Are you sure to have the latest VST Mod version on the iPad in question? Maybe de-and re-install.

@musicullum ,thank u for your quick reply.

I’m sure this is the latest as installed just yesterday on this device. I will remove, install again and give a quick response.

VLmods v1.1.50.57 (iPad Air, iOS 12.5.7 /most recent on this device/)
Issue present after remove/reinstall

1st song displayed correctly, 2nd song: no text displayed. (X-files)

Just set up my very old iPad and no problems. Admittedly, with an old VSt Live Mods version, will check if I can update it.

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Also an iPad Air, all updates and all good.
Is it possibly only when the iPhone is connected at the same time?

negative. Issue exists if only iPad Air is connected.
Also tested now the same 1st line (exactly as: “Túl a réten…” után 2 sorral indít) put in another song and it was displayed immediatelly. My thought was issue is maybe because of extreme chars like " " or “ú” maybe they are generating something… but working great inserted to another song.

( @musicullum no worry, I wanted to give the ipad to my guest as a “promter” “Souffleurkasten”, as he has android tablet only. But because of the start/stop issue, it’s not safe connect VLMods anyway for now. )

Mods sometimes send a stop command, this will be fixed with the next version, sorry. See 1.1.71 & 1.1.72 song play/stop issue - #19 by musicullum

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Hi, that sounds great! :slight_smile:

Make the issue above more exciting @musicullum , I’ve installed VL on my MacMini, test this out.

  • Exported an archive from win laptop, opened with mac, lyrics is there (but can’t start song until disconnecting iOS app).

  • Opened the archive with the live setup (windows), lyrics is there.

  • Opened the original project file again on Win11, no lyrics display for the same song… :man_shrugging:

Okay, I’m pretty close now. Narrowed:
I export/imported this one song to this SETLIST from another project.

The problem should be around this because:
when copy the complete “song-project” folder to my Mac and opening it, the lyrics content displayed at 1st song (where lyrics were displayed correctly), BUT shows an empty lyrics track clicking the questioned song…

There should be a lyrics track hiding/or missing in the original project folder structure:

  • seen by/on the laptop itself
  • that is seen by iOS
  • CAN’T SEEN by my iPad

Moving the hall foder to another computer:

  • showing missing lyrics track

Archiving the project:

  • everighing, everywhere is showing up ((only start/stop issue when viewed on iOS))

Now, just a quick question until finding a way to avoid such situations:
where sould I find and recognise the missing lyrics content to place in the right folder to fix it for now?

Thank you!

@musicullum ,
further addition: I’ve opened booth the project file and the “markers” folder in the Exported Archive. I modifyed the questioned lyrics file a bit, while looking, which file is re-timestamped.

Found it, copyed to the original folder with overwriting…
NO SUCCESS :frowning:

but at least, I can’t see lyrics for the same song neither on my iPhone or iPad now, but laptop still displays it correctly :smiley:

I cannot follow your explanations to be honest.

Assets are saved to the project folder. That is a pitfall, because for instance you start out at default (like documents/vst live), but then save to another location which changes the project folder. The asset files (incl. lyrics) are still in the derfault folder then, it is where the project location was when you created or modified it.

I’m sorry! I fixed some typo and wrote an addition above. Let me know if it’s better to you, to rewrite my complete story from scratch.

update maybe helps:
when emptying folder “C:\Users\felician\Documents\VSTLive\projects\Musor\marker”
thoose longnamed files are recreated as selecting a song, exept at the one that is not displayed (not they aren’t displayed on booth my iOS devices).

So the thing will be around here, but I don’t know what is happening under the hood (why and how triggered to be recreated in C:\Users\felician\Documents\VSTLive\projects\Musor\marker, what they do, and how things corresponds to each other as lyrics is displayed on laptop but aren’t on iOS)

Are both on the same computer? No idea what “Windows 11” refers to. "original " implies it is on the same machine.

As pointed out before, that doesn’t mean you are copying all assets. For that, use the archive function.
If you save your project to a different location than where you started, relative pathes will get lost. A relative path is a folder next to the .vlprj file with the asset name, e.g. “tempo”. VST Live will search for files by a) trying to find pathToProject/tempo/xxyyzz.mprjtempo. If it cannot find it there, it will b) check the full path of the file when it was created, i.e. C:/Users/User/Documents/VSTLive/tempo/xxxyyy.mprjtempo. It will also try to find it c) in the original folder (for instance, when imported from Cubase). If all of this is not applicable, it just cannot find it.

So when you export from Cubase w/o having “Copy Files” ticked, then copy the VST Live folder elsewhere, it will not find it because it is not reachable anymore. Use the “Save Archive” funnction which copies all assets it can find into one location.

I hope this answers the question?

I’m sorry to be confusing. I’m now pretty sure, there is some issue.

To make things clear:
I have a win11 laptop for live performances. The laptop I was installed exclusively VSTLive mouths ago and sending my screen recordings to you since I’m here on forum.

Today, but first today in my life, I’ve installed VSTLive on my MacMini (that is the computer I’m working on).

On Win11 laptop: ExportedArchive from the project I’m facing with lyrics-track-issue only appearing on computer but not on my iPad.

Transfered this Archive-package to my MacMini and opening it via newly installed VSTLive: The inspected lyrics track is
showing up on iPad & iPhone & MacMini correctly! :heavy_check_mark:

Wow, great! opening the same Archive-package on Win11:
Issued lyrics track is appearing on iPad & iPhone & MacMini correctly! :heavy_check_mark:

staying at my Win11 laptop:
Closing the Archive and Opening to the “original project” (that is the source of Archive-package mentioning above): The same lyrics track is appearing only on laptop. :x:

Now torturing system to find out what is different:
Moving a copy of the “original project folder” (NOT the Archive-package) from Win11 to my MacMini and there was the surprise when opening:
The problematic Lyrics track seems to be an empty track :question:,
while starting other song - where had no problem with lyrics display - is showing correctly.

Addition: the song with the problematic lyrics track was an exported-then-imported song from another VSTLive proj file (not from Cubase).

IN Archive-package:

  • regarding “./marker/” folder (no ./tempo/): There are 2pcs of longnamed.mprjmarker files there.
  • If I Copy them to “original project folder/marker/” doesn’t help. :x:
  • Deleting them, they are regenerating as soon as touching song with Lyrics.

Opening Archive-package on Win11 laptop:

  • opening content ./marker/ in file browser
  • opening project from Archive-package
  • modding some letters in problematic song’s lyrics track on laptop (that can’t be seen on iPad)
  • copy and replace re-timestamped ./marker/longnamed.mprjmarker file to "original-project-folder/marker/.) not helping either. :x:

I did my best to explain things I did finding the solution also write you the steps I did.

I think: something is messing up with the song’s lyrics i’ve exported/imported between two VSTLive projects. Important that ALL lyrics are appearing on VSTLive program Lyrics-view, but the questioned lyrics track is not appearing on iOS iPad.

What is the difference of method under the hood feeding VL Mods iOS app and displaying Lyrics within the application? What can cause a song with “empty lyrics track” after making hardcopy from source-folder (although that is unortodox and should not be done by user), while other song can keep it’s lyrics-track-content after “hardcopy-projectfolder” That meight be the solution somehow.

That seems almost impossible. But you may not have saved the project at all? Saving Archive does not save the current project. In general, if you omit to save, anything can happen. Other than that, it makes no sense, the Archive function does not change the project folder.
Oh, now I see “only on Laptop” - but that is the Win11 Laptop, correct? Then what is wrong…do you mean not appearing on iPad? That is a different issue altogether. You may have to restart either side if you worked outside in between, does that help?

I said that before. If you created lyrics and then save the project elsewhere, it can only save the original file path, and if that is not available anymore because of whatever reasons, it cannot find it.
Maybe you can try again, I’m still confused. Step by step, and with each step describe exactly what you do, most importantly, when and where you create lyrics, and when and where you save the current project at any time. Also watch for the “Store Assets in Project Folder” setting in preferences.
Also there appear to be two issues, one “empty lyrics tracks” and the other “not showing on iPad”, if I got it right. Let us try as small as possible steps, and treat each issue separately. New project, create lyrics, save, save archive, move archive folder to other machine, works? Etc. Sorry but it’s still too much at a time, you did improve making it more clear, but we still cannot see or reproduce problems.

Sure saving it meny times, I was building it for days!
Using “Save Archive…” to create disaster backup for my own. I just involved Archive-package as a possible debug-idea if Lyrics is appearing when opening it instead of original-project (source of Archive-package).

And YES, for sure, indeed.

I don’t think that is a coincidence, but get back to this later.

  1. I had this issue,
  2. opened topic
  3. you were trying to help and grabbed your older iPad and couldn’t reproduce issue or narrowing the problem
  4. I couldn’t either
  5. Involved my “Archive-package” moving project to OSX from Win11 try if it’s an OS related issue.
  6. being surprised it’s working on booth computers if opening Archive-package instead of original-project that I’m working on.

    Long story short: I will try further steps and will write them here if found.

Thank you!

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@musicullum ,

that was quick:

STEPS on Win11 laptop:

  • New project, naming and SAVING it as “LyricsTestingProject.vlprj”
  • Adding new songs: Test song 1 - 2 -3
  • Adding lyrics to them
  • Opening my iOS devices
    1st song: not displayed on booth iOS, just laptop
    2nd song: displayed on iPhone and laptop
    3rd song: displayed on all devices


Additional info:

  • Saving Archive… open back on same (win11) laptop, same location, no folder is touched/moved. No change.

  • Archive-package copy to OSX. Open project: 1st song “empty lyrics track” wtf?! , 2nd + 3rd displaying lyrics on booth iOS devices.

Works fine here with Win 11 and old iPad. The order may be important (when did you start what), also make sure to not operate two VST Live at once.
3 Songs each with Lyrics, when I switch Songs, Lyrics on iPad follow. Also started iPhone in parallel which also works as expected.
“Additional Info” - again, that is a different issue, correct? Then “Archive-package copy to OSX” confuses me again, sorry. Only 1st Song has empty Lyrics? The other Songs do show Lyrics? And those are shown on iPad, when the Win Lapptop does not? And maybe you have all open at the same time? That may well confuse everything.
So still cannot follow, need true step-by-step, sorry.