Some MIDI Modifiers Not Working


To humanize a post-quantized performance, with the track selected I went to Inspector > MIDI Modifiers > Random > Position > Set Min to -5 and Max to +5.

I then double clicked the MIDI event and the notes are in the exact same position – still lined up exactly at their quantized starting points. I tried a few different Min / Max combinations to no avail.

To be clear, I had not tried this before. I’m still somewhat new to Cubase, but while I’ve never seen this actually working for myself, I’ve seen three video tutorials and can confirm I’m doing exactly what the teacher did, which worked for them.

I then checked other MIDI Modifiers (another first try for me). These results were even more confusing – in fact, an inversion of the randomizing results. The Transpose function did change the audible tone but did not change the *visual note" in the Key Editor. E.g. when I Transposed the track up 1 tone, what was a B note now sounds like a C note but is still visually a B note. Same result upon modifying Velocity as well – when I raise the velocity by 50 in the Modifier, what was a note at a velocity of 20 now sounds much louder but still reads 20.

I then tried randomizing from the Quantize dropdown from within the Key Editor, with similar results as when I tried randomizing from the MIDI Modifiers menu: When I set Randomize to 20 ticks, I can see that in my note length dropdown what before was 1/16 now reads “*1/16 R-20” which is awesome except that the notes themselves didn’t move at all.

I finally repeated these processes with another synth, all with the same results.

I’m on Cubase 10 connected to VE Pro 7, specifically using the Embertone Joshua Bell Violin synth.

This is frustrating especially considering I purchased 10.5 and then had to revert to 10 because of unresolved articulation bugs in 10.5. Please help?

Thank you!

MIDI modifiers move the events virtually, in real time, and is a non-destructive mod.

If you want to move the actual events, you should use the Logical Editor.

for example:


Thank you Steve!