Some midi notes triggering, but not playing

I have a bizarre problem where some midi notes are triggering, I can see it them in the transport triggering, but The note is not triggering in the instrument. Most of the notes are triggering and playing fine.

Is there away to see how midi notes are flowing through the system, to see what might be blocking these notes. Like a console, or logical read out of what’s happening to the midi?

For example, I press “C3,” and I can hear the piano note C3 play, but when I press “B2,” the piano does not play. I have switched octaves, and that same note on the physical keyboard does play, and the problem moves up or down an octave. So, it’s not the physical keyboard (iRig Keys i/o). When I switch instruments, same problem persists with the same notes. When I start a brand new project, I get the same problem with the same notes not playing.

When start up a different program, all the notes play. So, it’s a midi problem isolated to Cubase (12.0.70). This has me stumped. Can’t figure out what I have done wrong, or what triggered this issue.


Unfortunately there isn’t.

In some Instruments, you can see virtual MIDI keyboard and the movement of the keyboard. This the best indicator to see, if the MIDI Message arrives to the instrument. Or you can add MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert to see, if the track sends the MIDI data out (at least).

Do you perhaps have a Drum Map or Expression Map on the Track?

No, neither Drum Map, or Expression map are activated.

I have created a brand new project, and with any instrument the same problem persist.

The problem notes are G2, A#2, and B2. All other notes play fine.

I fired up Cubase 11, to see if that has the issue, and it does not.

So, this is an issue isolated to Cubase 12 (12.0.70 Build 464 - Intel).

This appears to be a bug. But, if it was a bug, others would likely be having this issue too. Is anyone else having an issue with these notes?

It appears as though certain notes are not reaching the instrument from the program. This is very strange. Likely a bug, but other users would likely be having this issue too. And it’s a pretty big issue. So not sure what to do here except to go back to using Cubase 11. Cubase 12.0.70 is not working for me.


Most probably you are using any remote device, which is using these notes therefore it doesn’t send them to the track. Double-check all the remote devices in the Studio > Studio Setup, please.

Or is the Chord Pad enabled?

I’m not at Cubase, so names are iffy…

There are the those settings that can force MIDI Notes to conform to the Chord Track.

It was the MIDI Remote function. Some how these three notes where getting block by Midi Remote mapping function. I was able to disable the mapping and get the notes to play.

I set up the the MIDI remote function some time ago on the iRig keyboard to try and figure out it would be useful. I did not find it useful, and totally forgot about it.

Thanks Martin and raino for help triggering my memory about this.

FYI, there does not seem to be a simple way to turn this function off, other than exploring and deleting commands one by one.