Some Midi problems & questions

Hello everyone ,

I’m working with Cubase 5 on a Mac OS 10.5.6 with native instruments komplete
and a external midi keyboard usb connected .

Since a while i can’t hear the sound of a instrument when i press the keys on the piano roll
on the left side in the key editor of a instrument track ,
i can only hear the instrument playing when i drop a note with the pencil tool,
Dropping some notes and playing them is working fine ,
same with setting volumes and velocity’s & setting automation tracks e.t.c ,
all working fine .
It’s just the piano roll that is letting me down .

Also about the same time my external keyboard has let me down
i cannot record notes or play a instrument in the key editor anymore
still my midi keyboard is set and recognized properly in the devive manager and active
also midi true is set on .
even when i play some notes on the keyboard i can see incoming midi activity
in the transport panel .

Note .

After i had installed cubase 5 & did all my settings properly
i didn’t have these problems @ all
the piano roll was working fine and i could hear the instrument
when i played notes on my external keyboard an record them .

Any Suggestions are welcome .

Thanks in advance


Is it possible that you have enabled the control room function of Cubase ? When Yes, then you have not configured the control room correctly, so previewing will not work.

Two options:

  1. disable the control room at the VST connections
  2. have a look at the following knowledge base article, about how to setup the control room correctly