some mixer questions

There’s probably a simple answer here but I’m stumped…I’m just trying to send all my channels to the reverb channel. I haven’t done much work in the mixer yet and watched this video:, which makes it sound like the reverb channel should come ready and loaded with reverence? My reverb channel has nothing in it, and furthermore, I can’t seem to load anything. The power buttons and drop downs don’t respond. Furthermore in the tutorial I see that every slow has an edit button, whether something is loaded there or not, and in my mixer there are no edit buttons.

The power buttons for the instrument channels work, and in the drop down I can select FXreverb, but of course this does nothing because I can’t load anything in the reverb channel.

It is difficult to help you here without seeing anything… The reverb is loaded in the Insert loop of the reverb track. It is fed by the signal sent by the Sends 1 (in each instrument track, if properly routed). You don’t have an edit button on the sends, because it is simply a stage where you choose how much signal you send and where you send it to.
The edit button is found in the reverb track, inserts 1. REVerence should show there.

I misused it for some time, because I thought it did not do anything… It was loaded with a preset (LA Studio) that was inappropriate — now I use Large Viennese Hall 1. You access the presets pressing the Browse button.

A shot in the dark but I hope it helps!