Some Mixer Tracks won't re-order

[I mistakenly posted this in ‘General’ but I think it may be a bug. I don’t know how to consolidate the two posts, otherwise I would]

Hello guys. I’m trying to figure out how to order my Cubase mixer. Using Cubae 8.035 - I know that in general that the order follows the order in the project window with the ability to create zones in the mixer channel selector. I’ve tried to create a set of sub-groups for my instruments that then go to main groups which are bussed to an ‘all music’ group and finally bussed to the stereo out.

subgroups->groups->all music->stereo

I’d like to order the sub-groups with the Orch first followed by Gamelan and Piano and with Guitars/Bass and Pads last.

I’ve put them in the correct order in the project window, but for some reason cubase keeps putting my ‘Bass’ group first. I’ve tried moving it in the project window…to no avail… When I move other tracks around in the project window their track number changes in the mixer and they move. The bass group track, however seems to be stubborn and stuck at 4 no matter where I move it on the project.

The ‘All music’ group is the same way. No matter where I move it in the project window, its track number stays at ‘5’

The bass is set to the same ‘zone’ as the other groups in its class. I’m kinda stuck.

I’ve attached pictures

I’ve set up zones in the mixer channel selector. However, no matter how hard I try, the Bass track won’t move.
Group Channels Order2.JPG

Here is a second picture of the way the tracks are setup in the project window.
Group Channels Order1.JPG