Some new features :


I hope Steinberg could look into some of these request :

1 > Drag MIDI into Browser window to save the clip, this is very easy to do in Studio One by simply dragging your MIDI clip into your desired folder. This is helpful if you want to save some of your MIDI clips to be used again, the idea of saving and exporting is a little slower by todays standards. All about workflow.

2> Automation tracks, this give you the opportunity to name you automation, very helpful for keeping the project neat and tidy. Again this another feature in Studio One.

3 > Macro Knob, a one Knob control where we can assign many different automation parameters from an instrument with a minimum/maximum value. Something similar goes on with Ableton Live.

4 > Retrologue 2 has a cool feature where you can drag the step sequencer into the main timeline and it creates a MIDI file. Maybe a MIDI Insert FX that allows you to just drag and drop the sequencer pattern into the project, I know this is possible by merging the MIDI Loop but again it’s all about workflow.

5 > Floating Master fader, so we can separate it and assign it to a different monitor if needs be.

6 > Lockdown on scale within the Midi editor, so you don’t play bum notes if you are not big on music theory. There is a plugin called ‘Cales’ which does this brilliantly. Studio One also has this feature.

I hope the people over at Steinberg could consider some of these feature requests.

Thanks :wink: :smiley:

All excellent suggestions. +6


This would make my workflow just that much easier…

Hopefully they listen. :slight_smile:

+1 on 2 and 5

This has been possible for many years. Just select a MIDI Part in the Project Window and drag it onto your desktop or a file folder. You can drag them back in too.

You can’t drag and drop Midi/Audio to a favorite folder in the Browser, unless I have missed something all this time ?

See for yourself

Not to the Cubase Side Browser.

Perhaps being a bit more specific would have been useful… :wink:

I assume by “side browser” you mean the Media Bay in the Right Zone.

Yes the side browser… :wink:

Thanks for trying to help, appreciated.

Thank you ranio
very helpful for me :+1: