Some notes are not played back

note not playing issue

See the example gift, you can see that the E in measure 62 i not sent to the instrument plugin. (The staff is written in bass clef).

This is not the first time it happens to me, but I can’t pinpoint the situation. It happens pretty frequently actually. When it happens it always happen in the same note/s.

The velocities look fine:


If you click on one of the notes and open Properties (lower zone), is Surpress Playback switched on down on the bottom-left?

If it isn’t, can you attach your project, or a cut-down version?

Looks fine

While trying to make a small reproduction of the issue I encountered the source of the bug:

The tenor has the same note. When soloed, it’s muted. I believe that dorico is mistakenly muting the note because it exists for the tenor.

When deleting the tenor note - the problem was solved.

So I rerouted every voice to a separate instance of the instrument (or a separate channel) and it solved the issue.

I still think it’s a bug on Dorico’s part - the note shouldn’t be muted in this case.

Knowing this it was really easy to reproduced
missing note issue.dorico (487.4 KB)

Note that the note is muted only when soloing the bottom staff.

That’s what I suspected. Are the two voices parts of the same instrument by any chance?

Yes, please see my whole message. I explained this as well.

Sorry. I can’t reproduce your problem. Your file plays correctly.

Make sure to solo the bottom voice by selecting the entire bar before playing

I did. All notes play.