Some Nuendo-made hard n heavy music stuff..

Here is some kinda crappy “making-of” - filmed suboptimal with a photo cam. But basically I am presenting/explaining a 450 track album mix in front of Nuendo - 80 min of music, 450 tracks in one project… Unfortunately in German only. At least the intro is CD sound - later the focus is on presentation of the project itself.

Little better sound qualy is here:

Something complete different (Rock) is over here - for some reason the audio is lowered in volume but it still sounds ok:

Again different (Black Metal) - now with full audio (as it seems on my Macbook) - at least when you activate HD qualy:

Have fun!

I just listened to the rock one, given that I don’t speak German nor have any interest in ‘making ofs.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

The song flows well and sounds good, although it’s not really my thing. 2:26 section is my only criticism, the keyboard is just too dull, both musically and in the sound/dynamic level. The odd super fast scale run or arpeggio can make all the difference used sparingly, although I understand that not all performers are capable of actually playing anything remotely virtuosic. Maybe it was more of a producers decision, but it’s an upbeat song and this section isn’t like taking it down a notch, it’s still upbeat but missing that burst of energy from an instrument. Other than that I thought it was performed, recorded, mixed and mastered very well. I can’t fault it in that regard, sounds like any other record you’d buy at the music store so well done.