some of my used plugins are blacklisted

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:
So installed my Cubase 10 upgrade ok,all good.But noticed that some of my plugins used in Cubase Pro 9.5,beforehand.
are now in the Cubase 10 blacklist,and cannot be re activated :astonished:

How do I re activate these,for the record they are all 64bit VST 2

cheers,appreciate any help

My suggestion is, as painful it sounds. Remove the plugins that are blacklisted. Restart cubase and check if the blacklist empty. Re-Install plug-in. I had some similar issue with my Waves plugins getting blacklisted for some reason.

Thanks bud
Will try this later ,when I get back from work,today.Appreciate your help

I had a problem where the Halion 6 VST2 was blacklisted. Didn’t pursue it as the VST3 version works, but I was surprised to see it happen. C9.5 didn’t have a problem with it

No problem. I hope it works!

Got a better problem: my main reverb “EWQL Spaces 2” is not found at all, blacklist is empty :frowning:

this is because of new Cubase GUI changes in windows 10, blacklisted plugins work in windows 8 compatibility mode, I guess the code for older plugins is old.