Some Other Stomp - some barn-rock for you

Some Other Stomp: A traditional tune (A minor Polkas) on a harder rock backing.
Leads - fiddle, harmonica; backing - electric guitar, bass, drums, organ.
Recorded on Cubase 9 and 10 pro.
Thanks and I hope you like it. Here we go …


A good fun tune that one, Celtic and perhaps eastern European (Slavic?) influences in the melting pot :slight_smile:!

Nice, Cheers,


Thanks Mauri,

It’s a traditional tune, Irish, I think. I don’t think there’s any Slavic in there.
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.


Nice! Ive been hearing stuff from eastern Canada that sounds like this. Just a wild guess, but the picture kind of looks like the CN Tower? Anyway, nice job!

Hi Early21 - Thanks for the feedback.

I am a big fan of Eastern Canadian music, French Canadian, etc., and especially Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster, etc. … that really aggressive attack on the fiddle.

The photo is a composite, mainly a street in Amsterdam I took; the tower was another radio tower from somewhere else (not even the tower at Amsterdam Rai where I’ve visited for work many times).

I’ve been up the CN, but it wasn’t used here!

Thanks again