Some PC upgrade advice

Greetings everyone.
I have a Desktop PC that i use for music production, recording and client Mixing / Mastering.
Lately im running out of “juice” very fast (CPU power, processing power)
Been using this machine without problems for 7 years, great machine!
Its a i7 6700K skylake + 16G Ram + MSI z170 Motherboard + m.2 internal disk + some SATA drives for libraries and clients work.

I’m think on upgrading the MB, CPU and RAM.
Looking at what the market has for now i find this:

i5 11600K + MSI z590 + 32Gb RAM (2 x 16) for 650€

Should i be thinking about getting a mac mini m1 instead ?

how big is your budget? There are new CPU and motherboard standards coming from AMD just about any day now, and Intel is coming out with new stuff before the year is over.

Especially what is interesting is the new PCI-E 5 standard. The new hard drive specs for these are crazy fast as they will almost double what we have now.

So check out what is coming this year, if you put in a little more you can get the latest tech which most likely will perform better, last you longer, and make it easier to upgrade down the road.

anyways, this system you listed should be a good workstation. music production and client mixing do really say anything about how much power and speed you need :slight_smile:

Glen that is a very good recommendation my friend.
I ordered a i9 11900k and a prime Asus MB with 32GRAM DDR4. I’m about to start mixing an album for a client and I’m sure I will need more cpu power.
Thanks for you time and fine thoughts.