Some Peculiar Midi Issues

Hi all!

I recently made a huge move and had to leave my old setup behind for a couple years. But I managed to come across an affordable (and a bit ancient) MIDI keyboard. In getting everything going, I also got a hold of a MIDI to USB interface cable and plugged everything in.

I had no problems at first, but I realized after messing around a bit that I’m having some very peculiar issues with playback and recording.

Whenever I press two or more keys down at the same time, I get normal playback. But the moment I lift up on the keys, the first note played retriggers and decays as though the sustain pedal is being held down. The result is that any time there is even a minute overlap (or god forbid I try to play a chord), there’s a very annoying “echo” that triggers the moment I lift the keys. I’ve tested the phenomenon to get a better hold on it and know the following:

– It only occurs when two or more keys are pressed
– The first note played in the series is the one that seems to echo most often. (eg., I play a rolling CMaj chord and when I pick up my fingers, C sounds again)
– The note that retriggers decays as if the sustain pedal is pressed, even when it is not.
– The phantom input is also registered when recording any of it onto a track

I’ve already taken a look at the Device Setup tab and made sure that only one input is set to “All MIDI,” and although I have three different outputs, only one is active.

I’m uncertain how to disable Local Control on my keyboard because it has no real UI, and it didn’t come with a manual. I’m not sure if this is the problem or not, but the symptoms seem similar if not identical.

In short, I’m worried that it’s my keyboard but also hoping that it’s something I can fix DAW-side instead of investing in another controller.

I’m currently running Cubase 6 Artist on an i5 processor, and my controller is a Korg Concert C-16

I’m looking forward to hearng all of your ideas and suggestions! Thank you so much in advance!